Tips on Hiring a Water Damage Restoration Contractor

Many water damage contractors will offer 1 or 2 hour response time for flood emergencies. This does not mean that upon arrival to your home or business that they cannot give you, in writing, at least a rough cost estimate of the extraction and drying services.

Be wary of the contractor who says, "Just sign here and we'll get started". Extraction and drying services are usually separate from the reconstruction/restoration estimate which is done after drying is complete. Observe the contractor and make sure he or she does a thorough inspection of the suspected wet areas. Have them explain to you what is wet, what should be discarded and the drying process step by step. Some water damage contractors only offer emergency services, while others offer both emergency and reconstruction services.

Both types of contractors have their benefits and their place in the water damage industry. Is the water damage contractor thoroughly experienced in his/her field? Make sure they specialize in what they are proposing, ask questions, do they have the proper training, local licenses, insurance and certifications for the job? It is not a good idea to hire a janitor or carpet cleaning / handyman service to tackle a complex drying project, although many carpet cleaning services have water damage divisions that do a great job. A reputable water damage contractor will have nothing to hide and will be upfront with you from the start.

If necessary, ask for references, this will give you instant feedback of prior homeowners experiences. If you do not feel comfortable with the company or person that is in your home, call another company for an estimate. Most reputable water damage companies have no problems with a free in home estimate. Should you decide to file an insurance claim, your restoration contractor will usually be able to direct bill your carrier in an insurance friendly format. Do not feel pressured to take contractor recommendations from your insurance carrier. It is wise to pick someone that you feel will work on your behalf. Remember, you, as the homeowner will make the final decision on who works on your home.

By: Roger Christensen, 1-877 Quikdry, Inc.