Basement Flooded or Water Damaged?

If flooding comes from a sewer drain line

or sump pump failure, call a professional

immediately for proper handling,

cleanup, drying and sanitization.

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Flooded basement. Remember safety first! Shut off power if necessary and gas to appliances. Remove all water damaged personal contents, evaluate and discard non-valuables. On this paticular flood, the water came from a freshwater supply source. If flooding comes from a sewer drain line or sump pump failure, call a professional immediately for proper handling, cleanup, drying and sanitization.

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Once personal contents have been removed from the area, water removal (extaction) begins. After most of the water is removed in a liquid form, large items, like cabinets, are blocked up to allow drying underneath. A sanitizer is also applied to the area to prevent microbial growth.

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Drying equipment, dehumdifiiers, turbo air movers, etc. are installed to return the area to a "pre-loss" "dry" condition, which usually takes 3-5 days. This is a simplified version of drying out a basement flood. This does not take into consideration basements with finished flooring, carpet, framing, drywall, panelling, etc. Should you have a "finished" basement that contains carpeting, framing, drywall or panelling, it is highly recommended that you have a water damage professional clean, sanitize and dry out the area in order to prevent microbial amplification. Call 1-877-QUIK-DRY (784-5379)

WARNING! If flooding comes from a sewer drain line or sump pump failure, call a professional immediately for proper handling, cleanup, drying and sanitization.

Burst pipes, leaky appliances and flooded basements often lead people to discover the details of their home insurance policies. Water damage and homeowners policies can be a complicated issue in many ways if not reported and handled accurately and in a timely fashion. Generally, the damage caused by water will be covered, but whatever causes the damage say, a malfunctioning washing machine, or leaking toilet, may not be. If your basement is filled with water due to a burst pipe, it may not be considered a “flood” but a “water damage” even if the water is two feet deep. Care must be taken when reporting a basement flood or water damage claim to your homeowners insurance company. Review your policy,try to determine what’s covered and what’s not, and report your claim accurately. Are you covered? The damage to your basement and your personal belongings may covered, but not the damage to your lawn or shrubbery if caused by localized street flooding or an overflowing creek. Basement wall anomalies indicate hidden moisture. Moisture in a basement wall can be detected by electrical conductivity and thermal anomalies as well as visual indicators like drips or accumulation of alkaline salts. An excessively wet basement is a common problem in the Sacramento and San Francisco Bay Areas. It is often caused by foundation cracks, improper grading around the basement and extreme weather conditions such as river, creek and street flooding. Whether you have a finished or an unfinished basement, drying a flooded basement properly is important to prevent mold and additional damage. If you’ve experienced a flood in the basement, or in the crawlspace, we can help extract the water, dry it out and clean it up. Whether you use your basement or not, it is important to keep it dry to avoid mold and other structural damage.

Hydrostatic Pressure Can Collapse Walls

Residents who return to flooded homes are urged to exercise care when pumping basement water.

Pressure from water-saturated ground outside the structure, and from basement water inside, balance each other and keep the foundation walls stable. If basement water is abruptly drained, the walls can collapse. People who have only minimal damage to their property could inadvertently destroy their homes if they do not follow proper procedures.

The best time to begin the pumping process is when floodwater is no longer covering the ground. If a basement has standing water, it is critical that all electricity be turned off before entering. Never use gasoline-powered pumps or generators indoors because they create deadly carbon monoxide exhaust fumes.

The proper way to remove basement water is to drain it slowly and carefully. Here is the best procedure to follow:

Pump the water level down one foot. Mark that level and wait overnight. Check the water level the next day. If the water rose above the mark, it is still too early to drain the basement. Wait 24 hours and repeat the process. When water stops rising above the first mark, pump down another 2-3 feet. Repeat the same overnight check procedures. Never reduce the water level by more than one foot per day. Although it is very tempting to drain your basement water as soon as possible, the results of pumping too quickly can cause severe structural damage. Also, residents who left sump pumps running in their homes to keep ahead of floodwaters could face the same devastating results. Additional information about hydrostatic pressure and other repairs to flooded homes is available in Repairing Your Flooded Home (a joint publication between FEMA and The American Red Cross). To request a free copy, write FEMA Publications, P.O. Box 70274, Washington, DC 20024.

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